Pelvic Floor Exercises

Pelvic Floor Exercises UK

Concerned About Your Pelvic Floor?

Many thousands of women suffer from problems with weakened pelvic floor muscles either as a result of pregnancy and childbirth, or due to problems suffered since early childhood.

A major side effect of weak pelvic floor muscles is stress incontinence, and reduced sexual pleasure. Although it may be a slightly delicate subject, a strengthened pelvic floor is relatively simple to achieve.

So What Are Pelvic Floor Muscles?

As you will see from the picture above, pelvic floor muscles are a broad sling of muscle between the legs which stretches all the way from the pubic bone to the base of the spine at the rear... ...More

...And What Causes Pelvic Floor Weakness In So Many Women?

The majority of women with issues related to pelvic floor muscles are suffering as a result of the pressure put on the pelvic floor area by the weight of a growing baby and childbirth... ...More

...How Do I Deal With Stress Incontinence?

There are a number of things that can be done to reduce the effects of stress incontinence whilst waiting for pelvic floor exercises to have their strengthening effect... ...More

...And How Do I Exercise My Pelvic Floor?

Your pelvic floor muscles can be strengthened by combining two incredibly simple to perform exercises. Known as "Kegel Exercises", they can have a dramatic effect on your pelvic floor within a few weeks, and could have the added bonus of improving your sex life!...More

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